Is brooks still dating vicki

I just have to pray for him [Brooks]. Steve said, "Vicki, there is no other woman I know that can run a business the way you do, be on a reality TV show and expose all of this and still come out okay. He's very, "You don't lie, you don't cheat, you don't steal, you do the right thing. What a difference in personalities between Steve and how Brooks was perceived on the show.

I'm like, "God, you have a sense of humor! I was lied to, I was cheated and I was stolen from. I'm like, okay, so life does turn around. Where Does Season 12 Find Everybody?

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Your relationship with some of your castmates has not improved this season. First of all, Shannon Beador seems to be blaming you for her weight gain. I'm not responsible for her stress. She needs to look at the husband. He put the stress on her. I told Shannon, "Don't get divorced, fight for your marriage.

Make a life for your family because divorce is not fun. I didn't cause this stress on her. Our friendship took a toll but I don't want anything bad for her. I want her to be happy and healthy. She also blames you for spreading rumors her husband Eddie is gay. I felt really bad about that. But Tamra heard the same rumor when she was dating him. If I really wanted to talk about it, I would have said it on camera, I didn't. Why is it okay for Tamra to talk bad about me, when it's not okay to talk about her relationship? It's not my rumor that I started, so I don't know why she's mad at me.

I want to be friends. I didn't kill their dog. I didn't kill their child. What are we fighting about? It's really up to them. I tried to move on and leave everything in the past and they just want to stay back there.

RHOC: Brooks Ayers Explains Why He Faked Cancer Documents |

Get over it…I just want to be platonic with them, but I'm never going to share my inner secrets. I'm okay with just being like, "Let's get together, go to dinner and talk about trips planned and our kids. I'll say I'm sorry first. Whatever it needs to be. But we need to move on. We cannot keep talking about the past. I don't want to fight any more. I want to be kind.

Vicki Gunvalson Admits to Lying, Being 'Duped' by Brooks Ayers

We're never going to be the same but we can start a new friendship based on honesty and stop accusing me of something I'm not. The hurt that I went through and the money that I went through and the stuff I went through with that man [Brooks] are unbelievable. What about your relationship with the other OC Housewives? Let's start with Kelly Dodd…. Her and her husband are fun.

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Steve and I have gotten together with them off-camera, privately. And Lydia [McLaughlin] is back. She is a great addition because she is a little bit of a calming force between Tamra and I.

She's been trying to mend us. I told Lydia, "I'm in! It's easier to get along than it is to fight. Real Housewives and Their Products.

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You just celebrated your 55th birthday and seem to be in a great place. It's a world of difference from a few years ago when you were potentially at the lowest point in your life…. Like, in the middle of the day. So I got that. I got this situation happening with my relationship. I got my daughter sicker than sick.

I got my business suffering. I got my friends thinking one thing about me that wasn't the truth.

This Is How Vicki Gunvalson Took the News of Brooks Ayers' Marriage, According to Shannon Beador

When I turned 55 it felt good to have it all behind me. Brooks Ayers is opening up after admitting in November he forged medical records relating to his cancer diagnosis. Nothing could be further from the truth in reality, yet this alone makes for great TV and for controversy. In November, Ayers admitted he had forged documents to make it appear he had been a patient at cancer hospital City of Hope. At the time, he apologized and said he faked the documents because he did not want to disclose his real medical records.

Ayers maintains he was diagnosed with stage 3 non-Hodgkin lymphoma in Ayers says when he received a cancer diagnosis in , he attempted to keep it a secret. He told Gunvalson but asked her not to share the news publicly. The couple broke up in July as season 10 aired. Ayers would go on to do a number of interviews, including a lengthy sit-down with E!

News , in which he produced cancer documents the outlet later proved were fake. I am not now, nor have I ever been involved in covering for Brooks. I continue to wish him nothing but the best and hope that we can both now move past this difficult chapter in our lives. Once and for all, I would like to address several issues concerning my life that keep circulating in the media that I would like to clarify and get out. I completely understand that people may not believe what I am saying to be true, yet it will not keep me from telling my side of the story along with my rationale as to why I did what I did as it relates to my health and my private life.

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